The Author

About now you can be sure I am writing. Since my school days creating with words has been one of my first loves.

I am writing a book.

Who isn’t, you might say.

With two writing courses over, I sometimes wonder if I will ever get anything finished and printed before I die.

Technology is so wonderful and I want to try everything new, so there is far too much happening all at once. Well that is my excuse. From blogs to travelblogs to family memories!

If only there was more time in a day…….

I became serious and consistent about wanting to write a book when my Mom died.
Laurie Lee once wrote, that a wasted memory not only destroys, but can deny your very existence; also, that the urge ‘to write’ might indicate a fear of death, or the need to leave messages behind for others.

These are hopefully not my only reasons for writing.

When first you write, it is your story, the place you go and hide in another world.
The characters are yours because no one has met them yet.
It is an exciting secret rendezvous.
But time to move on.
Be brave.


One Response to The Author

  1. yvbw says:

    Nicely put.Although after my first novel, I don’t feel I own the characters.Never did, even while writing. But, we all approach writing in a different way I suppose. I have read books where the author clearly disliked some of his characters. I thought that amusing.

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